Backend Developer


Being a Frontend developer you are a developer who likes to get involved in the project. Someone who structures and communicates the technical challenges, the architecture and the strategic plan. You like to get involved in each phase of the project so we can make a great project fantastic!

You belong in this team if:
  • You are a hands-on engineer and you love what you do.

  • You enjoy working with globally distributed, loosely coupled systems in the cloud.

  • You are self-driven and highly motivated to deliver top tier solutions with minimal guidance.

  • You strongly believe in test driven development.

  • You are team player who is happy to collaborate with other people across Pharma Collective.

Required Skills/Experience:
  • Experience designing and implementing RESTful APIs (at scale).

  • Ability to solve problems that span multiple interconnected systems.

  • Experience implementing in Java or other object oriented languages for a distributed environment.

  • Experience with Java Libraries and frameworks (Jackson, Guice etc.).

  • Data Driven.

  • Extremely collaborative.

  • Great oral and written communication skills.

  • You have interest in open source projects where you will contribute to the open source space to give back to the larger community.

  • … are curious about emerging technologies and can quickly evaluate and adapt to new technologies.

  • … are able to adapt quickly to changes in business requirements and work in an agile environment.

  • … have a strong interest in resolving technical challenges related to e-commerce and/or intelligent knowledge bases.

We will support you:​

Like a top performer in your domain.