Frontend Developer


Being a Frontend developer you are a developer who likes to get involved in the project. Someone who structures and communicates the technical challenges, the architecture and the strategic plan. You like to get involved in each phase of the project so we can make a great project fantastic!

You belong in this team if:
  • You have a strong background in front-end and full-stack development environments.

  • You enjoy working with our small development team.

  • You like being self-led but highly aligned with your teammates; we develop fast, and align daily.

  • You have interest in open source projects where you will contribute to the open source space to give back to the larger community.

Required Skills/Experience:
  • Experience working on products and apps that touch the customer lifecycle.

  • Experience with Node.js, React/Redux and/or other languages.

  • Experience implementing RESTful APIs (at scale).

  • Data Driven.

  • Extremely collaborative.

  • Great oral and written communication skills.

You want to:
  • … build a stunning front-end experience and desire to dive deep and contribute within our backend platform.

  • … learn new technologies quickly and to pivot as our team evolves the project; today we use Node.js, React/Redux, and Big Data technologies such as ElasticSearch. Tomorrow…? That is up to you!

We will support you:

Like a top performer in your domain.